HCG detox & weight-loss

It’s time to get healthy. Are you exhausted from living with health problems that are entirely preventable?

In the 1960’s, prominent Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, M.D. discovered that obesity is the result of an abnormal functioning hypothalamus gland. He wanted to achieve a treatment that would cure the underlying cause of the disorder. This program addresses those contributing factors: stress, toxicity, emotions, imbalances and trauma. Extra weight often causes lifelong suffering and disease.


This program contains no appetite suppressants, no stimulants, no drugs, no prescriptions, surgeries or injections. You simply will be getting back to the basics of eating healthy organic foods and taking the HCG detox homeopathic remedy. HCG is a natural substance and is extremely safe for men and women. Your energy level will be high, hunger and appetite low, and many people will see an improvement in their medical conditions and symptoms. You will be losing the stored fat reserves, not structural fat, muscle or water, which will dramatically reshape your body.


As with any weight loss program, if you have an existing medical condition and are on medications, you may be required to provide a medical release from your physician. Your body will be going through changes that may require your dosage to change so it is recommended that you are monitored by your physician as well. This program is not for pregnant or nursing women.


Everyone is individual and we gain weight for many different reasons. There is no one-size-fits-all to losing weight permanently. This program addresses weight issues from: antibiotics and bovine growth hormones added to meat and dairy products, flavor enhancers such as MSG, artificial sweeteners such as Nutrasweet and Splenda, manmade sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, and highly refined white sugar, trauma and other emotional issues and excess stress.


It is the result of accumulation of all the chemicals and additives in our food that cause the hypothalamus to not function properly, which lowers our metabolism and creates intense constant hunger and cravings.


You will receive instructions as to what products to use with your Indigo Stress Detection and Stress Reduction session included with the Holistic Detox and Weight Loss Program. Your session leaves out the guess work as to what is contributing to your excess weight, while reducing stressors in your body such as emotions, trauma, toxicity and nutritional imbalances.


There are 4 phases to this program and you can expect to lose 1 pound per day if you follow the recommended guidelines of the program. Phase 2 is either a 21-day or a 45-day program depending upon your needs.


Jeanne is excited to get you on your way to a new you, as she has for others in the past. The road to good health and weight loss can be long and you need support along the way. She helps you get the results you desire.


Call for your free initial consultation to see if this is right for you at 440-228-0464.

"My name is Sue and I have tried every diet and hgc diet works. I lost 38 lbs in 45 days and after one year I have only gained 3 pounds. I have learned to eat more healthy, exercise and feel great. I am off my cholesterol medicine, my pain in my heel (because of excess weight) is gone, I dropped 3 dress sizes and I have more energy and feel better about myself.


I like this diet because you see immediate results. If you follow the diet you will lose weight and the weight that comes off comes from the areas you need it to. I didn't feel hungry and when you lose one pund a day it helps motivate you to keep it up.


I would recommend this to anyone.

~Sue C.,Chardon